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The Bloom Vape cartridges concentrate on progressive extraction methods to deliver vibrant and flavorful products. Our mission is to empower people and enhance their individual experiences. Born in Los Angeles, est. 2013.  A revolutionary tech-engineered cartridge. At last, crisp, clean design meets unmatched vaping experience. At just 1 gram or 0.5 grams, the Bloom Vape fits right in your palm and slips easily in your pocket. Make room for a new BFF. Ten unique strains, triple-distilled to produce ten fruitful moods. What kind of day will you choose? Premium THC Vapes, our partner site equally carries a wide array of THC cartridges. These cartridges Come in a wide variety of different flavors or strains. Often testing at over 70% THC, these vape cartridges are strong. They are reliable and they are pure. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to take their favorite medicine, without worrying about the potential side effects of other smoking methods. Bloom Vapes is transforming the way you experience cannabis-infused products. Not only do they provide the highest-grade product on the market, but they also deliver the professional and exemplary service you would expect from an enterprising organization. The terpenes in The Bloom Vape are carefully infused in order to recreate not only the experience but also the taste of each and every strain.

Are bloom cartridges good?

Bloom One Vape Pen Review: Large Amount of THC Oil, very Strong. The Bloom One disposable is largely overwhelming and  worth the hassle in our opinion. Even if you are an old time smoker this is exactly what you need.

How long do bloom carts last?

How long will my cartridges last me? Bloom half gram cartridges contain around 150 puffs and our full gram cartridges around 300 puffs, depending on the length of your draw.

Are bloom vape pens safe?

They are in no way harmful, in fact, terpenes are a helpful tool for finding the right cannabis for us each to consume.

Does Bloom farms use vitamin E?

Bloom products do not contain any cutting agents or fillers (such as Vitamin E acetate, PG, PEG, VG, etc.). The only ingredients in our vapes are pure cannabis oil and a blend of natural terpenes.

Bloom Vape Flavors include

Champagne Kush | Pineapple Express | GSC | Blue dream | Granddaddy purple | King Louis Xiii | Skywalker | Green Crack | Jack herer | Maui Wowie | Super lemon haze | LA confidential | Berry white | Birthday cake | WIFI OG | Mendo mandarin | Galactic jack | Clementine | GG4 | SFV OG | Sundae driver | sour diesel | Triangle Kush

Where can I buy legit carts 

You can get top authentic carts from legit online dispensaries near me  like THC Vape Outlet at the best prices and the carts will be delivered straight to your door for safety.

How to pick your cartridge

In order to pick your cartridge, you must first ask yourself the most important question: why do I want to smoke? If you’re looking for something to help take the edge off a long day, then you want either an indica or an indica-heavy hybrid. This will help with mind & body unwinding, and there is probably none better than Bloom Vapes’ Blue Dream Cartridge. However, something like depression is incredibly hard to treat, which therefore requires a much stronger strain, for example Green Crack, which is a sativa.

Finally, hybrids have much more general usage, and can be effective to treat many different disorders or symptoms.

Why choose Bloom Vape?

Bloom Vapes is attempting to bust the stoner stereotype. Gone are the days where stoners simply stayed at home playing video games. Not only do Bloom Vapes allow you to choose your strain, meaning you can pick a sativa, indica, or hybrid, depending on what time of day it is, or even what type. Feeling particularly stressed? Whip out your Blue Dream and watch that stress evaporate.

Basically, this is a high designed especially for those who still want to get stuff done. You can also pick either 1g or 0.5g cartridges, so if you’re struggling with cash you can pick up a 0.5g cart and not feel too bad! This will be your new best friend, these highly-specialized, Bloom Vapes, solvent less & lab-tested cartridges.


Store at room temperature away from excessive heat and sunlight. Do not leave in your car. Keep upright when storing for extended periods of time.


Champagne Kush, Pineapple Express, GSC, Blue dream, Granddaddy purple, King Louis Xiii, Skywalker, Green Crack, Jack herer, Maui Wowie, Super lemon haze, LA confidential, Berry white, Birthday cake, WIFI OG, Mendo mandarin, Galactic jack, Clementine, GG4, SFV OG, Sundae driver, sour diesel, Triangle Kush


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