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The Dragon’s Tears Oil is made from quality and fine red honey oil that is dubbed as the Dragon’s Tears. This is just so amazing to use as it comes right from the dragon’s mouth. It brings about a high-end vaping experience. It contains almost over 73.3 percent of cannabinoids and 67.8 percent of THC levels. This is also determined to be 69 percent Indica.

This is by far the best oil created by the professionals. This is top-quality that contributes to the beneficial synergy. The thing it creates include a delicate and sweet taste and strong body effects. This is good for anyone to eat while its odor and flavor are accented with some specific notes lingering in your mouth then.

This can get you high while it promises a relaxation of happy giggles. This will instantly take you to a euphoric headspace. This will potentially take you away from negative thoughts.

This tastes something different while it sets in immediately. It is soothing and energetic that it lets you want it more. This will get you excited about trying it with you loving it as a favorite for potency and quality. This can be your favorite oil, as you highly appreciate it further.

What effects does the Dragon’s Tears Oil have?

Dragon Tears are a new brand of cannabis concentrate, nano-filtered for increased purity compared to other honey oils. This oil has over 70% cannabinoids, with an excess THC concentration of 67.80%. All that THC ensures peak psychotropic effects like euphoria, improved mood and motivation, physical relaxation, pain relief, and other therapeutic benefits.

Thanks to this much THC, medical patients often use the Dragon’s Tears Oil to alleviate their anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, and even PTSD symptoms. This cannabis oil is a very concentrated form of THC that provides the purest and most potent therapeutic benefits found in THC. Lab-tested and reviewed the Dragon’s Tears Oil extensively for increased quality and potency.

What’s the most efficient way to use the VVV Dragon’s Tears Oil?

There are three ways to consume the Dragon’s Tears Oil – vaping, smoking, or used orally. You get to choose any one of these options depending on your preferences. If you choose to consume it sublingually, make sure you give time to your oral mucus to absorb it. Alternatively, you can consume it with other edibles like a tea, a cocktail, or a salad. The Dragon’s Tears Oil offers a wide variety of consumption methods, making it very versatile!


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