Ethos Tincture Lemon Zinger THC-A:CBD


All Ethos products undergo third party lab testing to ensure purity and quality.


Ethos Tincture Lemon Zinger THC-A:CBD for sale

Buy Ethos Tincture Lemon Zinger THC-A:CBD online. THC-A is THC in its natural acid form, as found in the cannabis plant. Preserved through careful extraction and refinement processes, this compound has NOT undergone the decarboxylation process which would normally convert it to THC. When consumed in this raw form, THC-A yields the many benefits of THC without the mental effects.

The cannabinoid ratio of THC:THC-A:CBD is 1:20:20

Each 30ml bottle of Ethos Cannabinoid Tincture contains 1ml (1 gram, or 1000mg) of full spectrum cannabis distillate. Do yourself a flavor and give it a try!

There is a small amount of decarboxylated THC in this tincture. Higher doses will be noticeable to those who do not already have THC in their systems. The full-spectrum cannabinoid profile is enhanced by THC-A. Combined with the high-grade organic hemp oil base, the pure organic flavor extracts, and the resulting synergy, this stuff is in a class of its own.

Dosage instructions:

  • Each 30ml bottle contains 420mg of CBD, 360mg THC-A, 20mg THC, and 6mg CBG.
  • Each 1ml dropper contains 14mg of CBD, 12mg THC-A, 0.666mg THC, and 0.2mg CBG.

Increased absorption due to the “entourage effect” : Small amounts of THC and CBG are present in this full spectrum, whole plant oil to aid in bioavailability.

All Ethos products undergo third party lab testing to ensure purity and quality.


Anti-proliferative | Increased Appetite | Neuroprotective | Relaxation

May Relieve

Arthritis | IBS | Inflammation | Migraines | Nausea | Seizures | Vomiting


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