Pax 3 Vaporizer


  • DUAL USE: for loose leaf and extract
  • POWERFUL: 2x the oven power as PAX 2
  • QUICK HEATING: 15 second heat-up time
  • INTELLIGENT: LED status notifications + vibration when ready

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The Pax 3 Vaporizer Complete Kit is the most recent addition to the innovative PAX lineup of portable herb vaporizers. Featuring an upgraded battery, dynamic heating modes, and premium accessories, PAX 3 is smarter, faster, and stronger than its predecessors. A new polished aluminum exterior offers added style, durability, and grip. The PAX 3 Complete Kit now features a mobile app, half-pack oven lid, and wax concentrate insert, allowing you to fully customize and control your vaping sessions.

PAX 3 allows you to customize your sessions via smartphone using the PAX Vapor app. Easily adjust precision temperature, vapor and flavor output, security, haptic feedback, LED lights, and more. Choose between 4 dynamic modes, each offering a unique experience:

Standard Mode: PAX 3 heats up 5°-10°F when you start inhaling. The PAX Vapor app will display exact temperature in real time.

Boost Mode: Maximizes vapor production. Reduces cooling in between sessions to maintain ideal vaporization temperature. Expect faster heating and denser clouds.

Efficiency Mode: Perfect for extended sessions. Efficiency mode slowly ramps up temperature by 1° every 2 seconds while your lips make contact with the mouthpiece. This provides stabilized vapor production during longer sessions.

Stealth Mode: Maximizes cool down between hits to minimize odor. The LED light will automatically dim, keeping your sessions under wraps.

Flavor Mode: Extracts more flavor. This mode heats and cools faster to maintain the low temperature that is ideal for releasing subtle flavor notes.


Anyone familiar with PAX Labs will know to expect a certain level of quality and expertise from anything with their name attached to it. The PAX3 is the epitome of the dedication of the PAX Labs team. It’s stylish, portable, and packs a punch that even the largest vaporizers out there would be proud of. The body is made using aluminum, easily withstanding the impacts of day-to-day life.

Temperature Settings

The PAX 3 vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates has 4 temperature settings. The different temperatures will influence the type of vapor you’re getting, so it’s good to experiment with them. Of course, other factors should include how full your chamber is, and what material you’re using, too. Generally speaking though, the lower temperatures will help preserve as much of the flavor as possible of your material. Meanwhile, the higher temperatures focus on cloud production.

Battery & Power

The PAX 3 vape performs exactly how you’d expect a top-level vaporizer too. The power of the device never fails to amaze, charging fully in just 90 minutes. It also boasts an electric heat-up time of just 15 seconds. Once you’ve chosen the best temperature setting for you, you’ll be taking hits in no time. A full battery will last you between 2-3 hours.

Portability and Stealth

The PAX3 boasts one of the sleekest and stealthiest designs we’ve ever seen. It weighs just 93 grams and stands at 9.5 centimeters tall fitting into any pocket easily. The design couldn’t be more discreet if it tried. You’ll be able to enjoy the PAX 3 no matter where you are to inhale that blissful vapor.

How To Use Pax 3 Vaporizer?

Let’s look into how we can help you get up and running with the PAX 3. We’ve had the pleasure of using this beauty, so we’ve put together some pointers for how you can get started get the best vapor quality, and keep it clean and maintained. Bear in mind it’ll come with an instruction manual that we recommend you read thoroughly, but this should help you on your way.

1. How To Operate The PAX 3

You’ll need to put the PAX 3 on charge before the first use. This won’t take long at all, so you’ll be enjoying your first session in no time. The unit operates using a one-button system, situated on the front of the body below the mouthpiece.

Using this button you’ll be able to turn on the PAX3 and cycle through the different temperature options, too. Within 22 seconds it’ll reach the temperature and you’ll be ready to go.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

Experimenting with different temperature presets will show you all the PAX 3 has to offer. Depending on the material you’re using and the style of vapor you’re seeking, you’ll have different temperature settings to tailor your sessions to your exact preferences. There are 4 different settings to choose from, ranging between 360°F – 419°F(182°C – 215°C.)

3. How To Clean Pax 3

Nobody wants the taste of built-up residue contaminating their precious dabs, so cleaning is crucial. Luckily, the PAX 3 is super easy to clean. The best practice would be to deeply clean the device every 5 sessions. When deep cleaning no longer does the trick you may want to switch out screens or mouthpieces to ensure you are still getting the best experience.

Taking apart the device will make each element easier to clean. Wipe away any residue using isopropyl-soaked cleaning swabs, and then soak the parts in a bowl of isopropyl alcohol.

Should You Buy Pax 3 Vaporizer?

The PAX 3 might be as close as it gets to “the vape that’s great for everyone.” Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a flower head or a concentrates fan, a lover of big puffy clouds or low-key seshing, the PAX 3 can be tuned to meet your exact needs. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the PAX 3 is one of the most durable and good-looking portable vapes on the market.

With a 10 year warranty and a long-running reputation for quality, PAX Labs have outdone themselves with their latest creation. The price tag might be a bit high for some people, but if you’ve got the money to spare for a PAX 3, you won’t be needing a new portable vaporizer any time soon.

Who Is The PAX 3 For?

If you couldn’t already tell, we think the PAX 3 is just awesome. It really does offer something for all. You’ll be able to switch between vaping dry herbs and concentrates, experiencing desktop vaporizer-type hits from this portable beast.

It’s certainly one of the pricer dry herb vaporizers on the market, however, it’s fit for any connoisseur.

Who Is The PAX 3 Not For?

Some vapes are built for those who experiment with micro-dosing. We’ve even seen certain brands like DaVinci release models exclusively for this purpose. While the PAX 3 can suit this, to experience its optimum vapor quality, you’ll need a minimum of 0.2 grams in your chamber.

Pax 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does the PAX 3 have good battery life?

The PAX 3 has a whopping 3500mAh Lithium-Ion battery hidden inside its compact body. This means you’ll be able to experience between 8-10 sessions before you need to recharge it. It will support all of your on-the-go vaping needs and more. It’ll recharge in 90 minutes, too.

Q2: Can you change the temperature on the PAX 3?

The temperature on the PAX 3 is adjustable using the button on the front of the unit. Pressing this button will allow you to navigate through each temperature setting. Each temperature setting will be represented by one LED making up the PAX logo. It’ll take anywhere between 15-20 seconds to reach your chosen temperature.

Q3: What can you use with the PAX 3?

The PAX 3 vaporizer is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. Its chamber is originally designed for use with dry herbs, however, it comes with a concentrate insert to use with waxes.

Q4: Is the PAX 3 portable?

If it’s a portable dry herb vaporizer you want, look no further than the PAX 3. Standing at just 9.5cm tall, you’ll be able to take it everywhere. It’s also got a discreet and minimalist design to compliment this portability, too.


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