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Sunday Goods vape pen flower is grown using the greatest light-source on the planet: the sun. Sunday Goods choses all-natural methods to respect and preserve the qualities of the original plant, while remaining pesticide, PGR and microbial free. Our commitment to precise consistency delivers products that put the consumers’ needs above all.

Sunday Goods produce medicinal-grade cannabis to help people feel good. Whether it is relief from pain, a pathway to creativity, or simply an elevated state of being, everyone stands to benefit from the liberating power of this plant.


Our products are very affordable, this is due to our unique policy. We believe quality can go with affordability. Look no further, has you covered. Your all-in-one vape shop for all your vaping needs. With a wide range of flavors to select from.

It boasts the most potent oils on the market, offering experience users heavy psychoactive effects while maintaining a smooth, true-to-strain taste.

Four uniquely formulated vaporizers—Delight, Spark, Soothe, and Rest. Enjoy a harmonious blend of cannabis terpenes and aromatherapy to fit every occasion.


Designed for levity and laughs to keep you all smiles for happy hour. THC:CBD = 10:1


Turn on—for work or play. Spark produces a sharp focus when you need a burst of energy or creativity throughout the day. THC:CBD = 1:3


Ease what ails you. Designed to calm the body and mind, Soothe takes care of you when you’re feeling tense.

THC:CBD = 1:1


Chill out, check out. Rest takes the edge off when you need to relax and recharge.

THC:CBD:CBN = 10:5:1


Delight, Rest, Soothe, Spark


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