Viridesco – Papaya Punch Carts 0.5ml



Viridesco – Papaya Punch Carts 0.5ml for sale

Viridesco – Papaya Punch Carts 0.5ml can have the effect of mellowing the user, though not likely enough to sedate unless one consumes a larger amount. Some have experienced a boost in creativity that they’ve used for either hands-on activities or as a conversation enhancer. Though it’s an indica-dominant strain, some reviewers have said they’ve experienced an increase in energy after which it sent them crashing into the couch.

High quality cartridge, 100% Medical Grade Nickel element with the lowest heavy metal test in the industry (0.0003 Lead)

This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 81.15% Cannabinoids! This includes 76.30% THC!


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