Ethos Tinctures 30:1 THC/CBD



Ethos Tinctures 30:1 THC/CBD for sale

Ethos Tincture – Cucumber Citrus – 920mg Cannabinoids. Ethos Tinctures 30:1 THC/CBD

30:1 THC:CBD

Quality THC infused in MCT oil for an easy to use tincture, brought to us by the good people at Ethos. This tincture comes in a cool cucumber flavor and has no added sugar. For a great body high with out eating sugar, tinctures are the way to go. Tinctures also absorb quickly for faster effects.

This tincture is mostly THC, with very little CBD, for an all over body effect. The bottle is 30 ML of infused MCT oil. One dropper 3/4 full is about 1ML, a single ML dose will yield you a 30 MG THC dose. Making this tincture a very decent strength. For the fastest absorption administer the tincture under the tongue and hold there for 30 seconds before swallowing.


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